Safe Driving

Saved by the Belt

The Missouri Department of Transportation's Saved by the Belt Club recognizes those individuals who were in a motor vehicle crash and were saved because they were wise enough to be wearing their safety belt at the time of the crash. Safety belts work. All you have to do is read the newspapers to see that people who sustain minor injuries in a crash are most often those who are wearing their safety belts. Unfortunately, the people who fail to buckle up are the ones who are often ejected or don’t survive. We hope to share survivor stories and, thereby convince others to buckle up. By encouraging non-users to change their habits, even more lives could be saved.

Anyone age 16 or over who has been in a crash within the last 18 months and was saved by their safety belt is eligible to become a member of this elite club. Applicants who are approved will receive a Certificate of Recognition, a Saved by the Belt vehicle magnet, and their choice of an award.

Saved by the Belt Cards

These wallet-sized cards are for use by law enforcement, EMS and other emergency/hospital personnel when they encounter an accident survivor who was probably saved by their safety belt. These cards provide direction on how the survivor can access the SAVED BY THE BELT program on the internet or by phone.

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