VIDEO: Deaths Down on Missouri Highways

Presentations from Blueprint to SAVE MO LIVES conference 2012


The Missouri Coalition for Roadway Safety is a partnership of safety advocates who have banded together to attack the problem of traffic crashes and deaths.

Missouri has met its goal of 850 or fewer fatalities by 2012 - two years early! More people arrived alive on Missouri roads in 2010, the fifth year in a row with a reduction in roadway fatalities.

Not since 1949 has Missouri seen so few people killed in highway crashes. Overall since 2005, due to the combined efforts of highway safety advocates in the Missouri Coalition for Roadway Safety, 1,538 lives have been saved on Missouri roadways, a decrease of 35 percent.


Missouri’s Blueprint to SAVE MORE LIVES serves as a guide to reach the coalition’s goal of reducing traffic fatalities to 700 or less by 2016. The guide outlines the “Necessary Nine” strategies in the areas of enforcement, education, engineering and emergency medical services that helped the coalition reach its 2012 goal - two years early.

Missouri's Blueprint to Arrive Alive
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