2022 Central Regional Award Winner

Chief Michael Bickell

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After becoming Chief of Linn Police Department in January 2021, Chief Michael Bickell realized his heavily traveled city needed additional traffic enforcement. In 2021, his department began receiving mobilization campaign enforcement grants from MoDOT’s Highway Safety Office, totaling over $4,700. In 2022, the agency came on board with e-citation, allowing officers to issue warnings and citations in a safer manner for both the officer and the motoring public. This change also improved the data that is transferred to the municipal or state court. Because of Bickell’s dedication to Highway Safety events and enforcement, the agency has been awarded a total of $28,000 in highway safety equipment and enforcement overtime. As well as embarking on DWI and Hazardous Moving Violations enforcement, Bickell was instrumental in helping get a primary seatbelt ordinance passed in Linn this year. Linn is the home to State Technical College, educating approximately 1,700 students each year. With the swelling number of students comes a responsibility to ensure their safety and the safety of others. Bickell has implemented a Youth Alcohol Enforcement Project that will begin later this year. Chief Michael Bickell understands the importance of Highway Safety and his efforts are greatly appreciated.