2022 HOPE (Highway Opportunities through Professional Engineering) Award Winner

Greg Chapman

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Greg Chapman developed the Work Zone Crash Reporting Form to improve and standardize the process of reporting crashes in MoDOT work zones. The new process is concise, organized, factual and has been implemented by all departments. The form has allowed departments and the district to review each work zone incident, make needed improvements to future work zones, track key metrics such as TMA hits and fatalities and helps to reduce the possibility of recurrences of similar incidents.

The Work Zone Crash Reporting Form has provided benefits to MoDOT by saving time and simplifying work. The form makes documenting work zone accidents quick, easy, and efficient by saving all records in one location in an organized table that can be filtered (saving time if the information is needed in the future) and now only having one standardized form to use, which reduces previous time spent filling in multiple forms and also reduces the risk of errors.

The hope is that by implementing the form statewide, MoDOT will be able to efficiently and thoroughly review all incidents and this will ultimately help develop ideas and ways in which MoDOT and the travelling public can work together to further help reduce incidents and fatalities in work zones.