2022 Tempe Humphrey Award Winner

Chad Burton

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Chad Burton believes wholeheartedly in the mission to save lives and that zero is the only acceptable number of roadway deaths. He shares this message throughout the state as a ThinkFirst Speaker by giving presentations to organizations, schools and the Traffic Offender Program. Students and participants love Burton. His outgoing personality, passion, quick wit, and friendliness quickly engages his audiences and keeps them captured throughout his speaking engagements. During his presentations you can be caught laughing as he references the only good time to be caught having “two girlfriends” to heartbroken as you listen to his story unfold, and the terror his family felt as he fought for his life after a car crash.

Burton leaves you in “awe” as he shares his story to recovery and rebuilding his life. During his presentations, he always mentions the ability of tying his shoe with one hand. At first, you think nothing of it. Then you try it and realize how difficult it is, and how extraordinary Burton truly is. This young man, who went through the hardest journey of his life, has come out on the other side and is fighting passionately for others to do the same. He gently pleads with you to simply buckle up, put your phone down and drive safely. He asks this not only for you, but for your family and all the other families on the roadways. He shares this message with everyone he comes in to contact with and all over social media. He is dedicated to using his voice to share his story. We celebrate Chad Burton and his relentless battle to save lives and his passion in doing so.