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Does your business have the safest drivers?  Take on the Show Me Your Score Safest Driver Challenge and your business could win a $10,000 Grand Prize. 

When your business registers, and gets a minimum of three (3) employees (for businesses under 35 employees) or a minimum of 10% of employees (for businesses at or above 35 employees) to participate, your employees will also compete for a $5,000 Grand Prize and title of Missouri’s Safest Driver in addition to having a chance at winning weekly prizes!

Show Me Your Score Safest Driver Challenge FAQs

What are the dates of the Safest Driver Challenge?  April 1 – June 9, 2024


What do I need to do to get started?  Register your business below.  Once your business is registered, you will be given a business-specific token/code for your employees to sign up to participate on the DriveWell Go app. Participating businesses need to ensure a minimum of three (3) employees (for businesses under 35 employees) or a minimum of 10% of employees (for businesses at or above 35 employees) login in on the app in order to be eligible for prizes.


How does the app work?  The DriveWell Go app automatically measures speeding, acceleration, turns, braking and phone use while driving.  The app provides drivers with immediate feedback after a trip so they can improve their skills.  And drivers can see how their safe driving scores stack up against their coworkers’ scores! 


How does the Safest Driver Challenge work?  Each time your employee drives after they login in on the DriveWell Go app, they will receive a score based on how they drive.  All of your participating employees’ scores will be aggregated and averaged.  The business that has the safest drivers (with the highest average score) over the 10-week challenge wins the $10,000 Grand Prize!  The driver (or drivers if there is a tie) with the highest aggregated and averaged score over the 10-week of all participants will win the $5,000 individual Grand Prize. Additionally, participants with the highest weekly scores will have a chance to win random prizes each week – gift cards and brand name electronics


Who has access to the driving scores collected during the contest? Employees scores are only visible to other employees from the same business who are registered in the app and contest sponsors AAA Missouri and Cambridge Mobile Telematics. Driving scores are only used for the purpose of determining the winners of the contest grand and weekly prizes.


How can we reward or recognize safe driving or the best drivers within our business to encourage safe driving during the Challenge?  Your employees can see their scores on their phone and can share that score.  The scores are updated real-time, so they are always current.  A great way to recognize your employees would be to have the employees share their scores each week and then you can recognize the highest scoring drivers - by rewarding those with the highest scores or by random drawings! 

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Do you have more questions?  

How does the app score my driving?

The app collects and analyzes your driving data, then provides an overall driving score out of 100 based on a series of criteria. For each of the criteria below, a specific subscore is also provided.

Phone Distraction: Using the phone in your hand while the vehicle is in motion

Hard Braking: A sudden reduction in speed

Speeding: Driving over a safe speed for a given road

Hard Acceleration: A sudden increase in speed

Cornering: Turning or swerving harshly

Why did my score go down?

There are three main reasons that your score may decrease.


Change Over Time: The app calculates your score based on your trips over the last two weeks. This means that your scores may change each day as trips older than two weeks are removed from the score calculation, including overall score, scored distance, and the number of scored trips.


Change in Risky Events: The score is based on driving performance. If your trips within a given two-week period have more risky events than earlier periods, your score will be lower as a result.


Change in Driving Distance: Finally, the score is also based on risk per distance driven, so that if your risk events between two periods are similar, but you drive fewer miles in the second period, your score may go down.

What is the difference between the number score and the star rating?

Number Score

Your overall score, out of 100, is presented on the Dashboard screen in the app. This is the key measurement of your driving performance, calculated with data from your trips over the past two weeks. The app compares your performance to the typical driver population for each subscore, like hard braking or speeding, and then weighs your subscores together to produce an overall score. The app uses aggregated data from millions of users and billions of recorded miles to calculate your relative level of risk per mile.

Star Rating

The star ratings are granted for each individual trip and can be viewed on the Trips screen. They provide an idea of what happened on each trip. For a given trip, you can lose stars for any risky events that occur, such as phone use, hard braking, speeding, hard acceleration, and hard cornering.

How is hard braking measured?

The app records a hard braking event when you reduce your speed suddenly, such as slamming on the brakes in a lower-speed zone or drastically reducing speed on the highway. If you engage in hard braking often, even at lower speeds, it may suggest tailgating or not paying attention, which can be factors in crashes.

Why was I penalized for hard braking when I couldn't avoid it?

The app does not know the circumstances of a specific hard braking event - it only measures how hard you are braking, and for how long. Your overall score takes into account the number (rate) of hard braking events. Occasional hard braking in unavoidable circumstances does not substantially impact your score. Note that you may lose stars for an individual trip because the stars only provide a measure of what happened on that trip.

How is speeding measured?

The app identifies a speeding event when the user is driving above the "safe speed." This is based on a threshold over the posted speed limit for the relevant road.

I was on the highway but it said I was speeding on the frontage road. What should I do?

At times, the app has trouble distinguishing between the highway and the frontage road next to the highway. As a result, the app can judge your speed based on the frontage road instead of the highway. We're developing an improvement to address this issue. Until then, please reach out to your app support team if you need to report this issue.

How is hard acceleration measured?

Hard acceleration measures the rate at which you accelerate during a trip - that is, how quickly you shift from a lower speed to a higher speed. Circumstances like merging into fast-moving traffic can make hard acceleration unavoidable at times, and rare occurrences should not affect your score. If you are frequently marked for hard acceleration, however, it will reduce your score.

How is hard cornering measured?

The app records a hard cornering event if you drive around a corner harshly. To avoid hard cornering, reduce your speed around corners.

How is phone use measured?

The app uses a combination of three factors to detect phone distraction: The phone screen is on

The phone is in motion in your hand The car is in motion

Why was I penalized for phone use when my car was stopped?

Even if the car is stationary when you pick your phone up, the app registers a phone use event if you begin to drive while still holding it. The distraction penalty only applies for the period of time you are using the phone while in motion. It is safer to stop using the phone before beginning to drive.

Why was I penalized for phone use when my passenger was using my phone? Because the app currently does not distinguish between a driver using the phone distractedly, and a passenger using the phone safely, we recommend passengers not use the driver's phone to ensure your score is not affected. We understand that passengers may use the driver's phone and will be working on an update in the future to represent this.

How does the app know if I am a driver or a passenger?

Over time, the app learns your driving behaviors and common routes, allowing it to determine whether you were a driver or a passenger for a given trip. To help the app in this process, we recommend that you review and update your trip classifications for your first ten or fifteen trips so the app learns whether you are a driver or passenger, or in another mode of transportation.

To classify your status, navigate to the Trips screen, tap on a given trip, then tap the Driver icon in the upper right corner. You will see a series of options from which to select the correct mode of transportation. Your scores should be recalculated immediately, although your Streaks and Leaderboard ranking may take a short time to update.</p></div>

How does the app determine the start and end of a trip?

The app uses a number of different phone sensor inputs to identify if a drive counts as one or more trips. For example, the app should differentiate between being stopped in traffic and being stopped because the trip has ended. Note that if a single trip was recorded as two trips in error, it should not affect your score.

What is the gray line that appears on my trip route?

The app may take up to a minute or two after a trip starts to detect driving and start collecting location data. In these situations, the app calculates an inferred path back to your last known location. The app displays the inferred path to you as a gray line on the trip route.

Why does the app say that it is recording a trip when I am not in a vehicle?

In rare cases, you may see a "Recording" message in the app when you are not on a trip. This can occur because the phone has registered changes that are similar to the movement of a vehicle. Even though the app says "Recording," this will not generate valid trip recordings that are scored or displayed in the app. In the rare event that one of these trips does display in the app, you have the ability to change the trip label so that it is not scored.

Does the app use my phone data?

Yes, the app uses some phone data to process and score your trip results. The app uploads about 400-500 kilobytes of data per hour of driving.

Does the app require an internet connection?

Internet access is required to process and score any new trips. This Internet connection can come from a Wi-Fi network or a cellular network. If the smartphone is not connected to the Internet when new trip data is ready to be uploaded or newly scored trips are ready to be downloaded, the upload/download will happen automatically when the Internet connection is available.

An active Internet connection is not required to record trip data or view the results of prior trips.

What data does the app record?

The app records data to measure your driving during a trip and identify risky driving events. In addition, we may receive data related to your use of the app to help us improve the app experience. The app collects:

Location data (incl. from GPS when available) Accelerometer data

Gyroscope data, if available Magnetometer data Barometer data, if available, Time

Your interaction with the phone while you're driving (for example, whether the phone is in motion or not)

Important: The app does not record information about which apps are in use or the content of any messages or calls.


Smartphone settings and status

Your interactions and engagement with the app's screens and information

Does the app use my phone's battery?

The app uses the phone's battery to run, and has a negligible effect on the battery when you are not driving. When you're driving, the typical battery drain is only a few percent per hour. This amount varies based on the smartphone model and age.

To check the app's battery usage:


Go to: Settings > Battery > Scroll to find the app


Go to the app’s App Info page > Scroll through the options to find battery usage Note that each manufacturer may modify the interface so these steps might vary.


Why do I need to accept permission requests?

Once you download the app, you will receive permission requests from your phone's operating system. You need to accept these requests to engage with and benefit from the app's features.

For the app to function properly, the following permission requests must be set exactly as directed:


(Required) Location Services: Location permissions must be set to Always (with Precise Location set on iOS 14 and above). This permission is required for the app to record trips.

(Strongly Recommend) Motion & Fitness: Using motion activity, the app can more accurately determine when to start and stop trip recording.

(Recommended) Notifications: Enabling notifications for the app lets the app send you updates about your trips, rewards (if available), and other engagement features.

(Required for programs with the Tag device) Bluetooth: The app needs Bluetooth permission to communicate with the Tag (iOS 13 and up). The Tag connects to the smartphone via Bluetooth Low Energy, so you can continue using other Bluetooth devices at the same time.


(Required) Location permissions: Location permissions are required for the app to be able to record trips in the background. Beginning with Android 10, this permission must be set to "Allow all the time."

(Required) Physical Activity: User activity permissions are required for reliable trip detection.

(Recommended) Notifications: Enabling notifications for the app lets the app send you updates about your trips, rewards (if available), and other engagement features.

(Required for programs with the Tag device) Bluetooth: The app needs Bluetooth permission to communicate with the Tag. The Tag connects to the smartphone via Bluetooth Low Energy, so you can continue using other Bluetooth devices at the same time.

Why aren't my trips recording?

The app should automatically run in the background of your smartphone. This means the app does not need to be opened or displayed on the main screen in order for the smartphone to record trips. If your app is not recording trips automatically, you may be experiencing one of the following situations:

The app will not record if the phone is powered off.

The app will not record if the phone battery is very low or Power Save/Low Power modes are on.

To troubleshoot: Charge the phone battery and turn off Power Save or Low Power mode. Most phones also allow you to determine at what percentage your battery saver turns on. If you would like Power Save or Low Power mode to turn on at a lower threshold like 10%, visit your phone's battery or battery optimization section in Settings.

The app will not record if Location is disabled.

To troubleshoot in iOS: Navigate to "Settings." Select the app. Select "Location" and then select "Always." In iOS 14 and later, make sure Precise Location is set.

To troubleshoot in Android: Navigate to "Settings." Select "Apps & Notifications" and then "All Apps." From the App Info page, select your telematics app. Select "Permissions" and then "Location." Select "Allow all the time."

The app may not record if the phone is experiencing sensor issues, such as Location, accelerometer, or gyroscope not working properly.

To troubleshoot an accelerometer or gyroscope issue: To fix, turn off the phone and turn it back on.

If that doesn't work, it may be necessary to send it in for repair.

Tip: A symptom of the gyroscope malfunctioning is the inability to switch between portrait and landscape mode when the phone is rotated.

To troubleshoot a Location or GPS issue: Turn off the phone and turn it back on

If that doesn't work, it may be necessary to send it in for repair.

The app may not record if the phone is running multiple resource-intensive apps and the app does not have the necessary resources to perform.

To troubleshoot: Close resource-intensive apps.

The app will not record if Bluetooth is disabled (only for programs with a Tag device).

To troubleshoot: Enable Bluetooth. This varies by device but is usually available from a dropdown menu swiping down from the top of the phone screen.

Can I pause the app?

Standby mode is an optional setting that lets you turn off trip recording for a set time period. You may want to use this feature if you are traveling by public transportation for a period of time, or if you drive professionally and would prefer not to record work trips. To activate standby mode, navigate to the Settings screen within the app and select the duration of time for which you want the app to remain in standby mode.

Can I use the app with a new smartphone?

If you need to change phones or reinstall the app, log in under the Returning User option. A PIN code will be sent to the email address you provided during your first time registering for the app. The PIN code is a one-time password that does not expire, but can only be used once.

What is the Show Me Your Score Safest Driver Challenge?

The Show Me Your Score Safest Driver Challenge is a safe driving contest, designed to make Missouri’s drivers safer, and ultimately reduce roadway injuries and fatalities. Additionally, this contest provides the opportunity to compete with other businesses in Missouri and win prizes for your safe driving.

What are the benefits of participating?

You are rewarded via prizes for driving safely. Prizes each week total thousands of dollars! The safer you drive, the more likely you are to win a prize!

Can I be penalized for unsafe driving habits?

No, you will not be penalized for unsafe driving habits. This contest is designed to reward safe driving, not punish unsafe driving. However, we still encourage you to recognize your unsafe habits, and work to improve them.

Will the Contest Sponsors share my data?

Your personal information and individually collected data is confidential and will not be shared with third parties. Respecting your privacy is an important part of our commitment to providing an excellent service and product.

Will participation in the contest affect my insurance premiums?

No, participation in this contest will have no effect on contestants insurance premiums. The information collected during the contest will not be shared with any third parties, including insurance companies.

How do I win?

You win by driving safely! Each week the safest drivers in the contest, those with the highest driver score that week, will be rewarded with prizes. At the end of the contest, the company with the safest drivers, and the top safest drivers overall will be awarded grand prizes!

Who can I contact for further assistance or questions about the Show Me Your Score Safest Driver Challenge?

For further assistance, please contact