About Us

The Missouri Coalition for Roadway Safety (MCRS) exists to end fatalities and serious injuries on Missouri roadways by advocating for the prioritization and implementation of proven safety strategies. Through cooperative efforts in education, public policy, enforcement, engineering and emergency medical services, we encourage all Missourians to take an active role in making our roadways safe for everyone.


Founded in 2004, the MCRS is responsible for developing and implementing the state’s strategic highway safety plan (SHSP). Show-Me Zero is Missouri’s fifth edition SHSP and will serve as the state’s plan from 2021-2025. The purpose of the SHSP is to identify the core issues contributing to severe crashes in Missouri and to identify strategies to mitigate these concerns. A statewide group of individuals from multiple disciplines has worked together to develop Show-Me Zero. In addition, feedback was solicited from hundreds of additional stakeholders throughout the state. This document represents a consensus on the primary actions Missouri can take during the next five years to reduce traffic fatalities. Understanding success requires contributions from everyone, the group strived to include relevant strategies for all Missourians. 

To support implementation of the SHSP, the MCRS is represented by locally focused regional coalitions as well as several issue-specific subcommittees. Together, the regional coalitions and subcommittees work to promote implementation of SHSP strategies at both the state and local levels. Some strategies are as simple as an individual committing to better choices, while others require changes to policies and procedures. Achieving the ultimate goal of zero traffic fatalities will require contributions from all of us. Thus, this plan is for all Missourians.


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