Pedestrians and Other Non-Motorized Road Users

Another group warranting special attention in the Show-Me Zero plan is pedestrians and other non-motorized road users such as bicyclists and those using personal conveyances (e.g., scooters, segways). Each year, more than 100 pedestrians, bicyclists or other non-motorized road users are killed in Missouri traffic crashes with speed, distraction, and impairment being the primary causes. In addition, a significant portion of pedestrian fatalities in the state involve users who did not begin their trip as a pedestrian. Rather, these individuals exited their vehicle for various reasons and were subsequently struck by a vehicle, often on high-speed roadways. Progress in this area will require increased responsibility and positive behaviors from both drivers and the non-motorized road users.

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Featured Program:  SafeAcross - Springfield, MO

The SafeAcross program aims to initiate a cultural change in Springfield toward being more pedestrian friendly. To encourage this shift, the campaign utilizes two key strategies – education and awareness. These strategies will be used to reach a wide range of Springfield travelers from all walks of life. Learn more about this innovative approach to improving pedestrian safety by visiting the SafeAcross website

Vulnerable Road User Assessment

More than 100 of these vulnerable road users are killed each year in Missouri traffic crashes with speed, distraction, and impairment being the primary causes. To help address this issue, a statewide assessment to identify priorities and countermeasures was completed in November 2023. Learn more by clicking here.

Pedestrian and Other Non-Motorized Road Users Statistics
Pedestrians killed in 2022 Missouri traffic crashes
Bicyclists killed in 2022 Missouri traffic crashes
Increase in Missouri Pedestrian and Bicyclist Fatalities since 2013
Pedestrian survival rate if struck at 40 mph
Year End 2022

Pedestrian and Other User Campaigns