Emphasis Area 3: Speed and Aggressive Driving

In today’s hurried society, speed and aggressive driving can be identified in nearly all drivers. We hurry to get everyone to their destinations on time without proper respect for other drivers and our own safety. Nearly 40% of all traffic fatalities in Missouri involve speeding or driving too fast for conditions, the most commonly cited contributing circumstance in Missouri fatal crashes. When other aggressive behaviors are considered, more than half of all fatal crashes involve at least one aggressive driver. As much as we emphasize the dangers of impaired driving, speed is listed as a contributing circumstance for fatal crashes nearly twice as often as impairment. Speed is not only a critical factor in the severity of vehicle crashes, but it is usually the determining factor in the outcome of crashes involving pedestrians and bicyclists. At 20 mph, a pedestrian has a 90% chance of surviving a crash. At 40 mph, the chance of survival drops to just 20%. Personal responsibility is key as we move toward zero. We must understand our need for speed is killing us and actively work to combat the issue.

2019 Speed-Related Fatalities in Missouri
2019 Aggressive Driving Fatalities in Missouri
Speed is cited nearly twice as often as impairment in Missouri fatal crashes.
The increase in risk of a fatal crash by driving just 5 mph higher
Speed and Aggressive Driving

Speed and Aggressive Driving Campaigns