Emphasis Area 4: Impaired Driving

Impaired driving accounts for approximately 20% of the traffic fatalities in Missouri. While the dangers of drunk driving are relatively well known, impaired driving is not limited to alcohol use. It also consists of drugs, including prescription medications, and physical impairments such as drowsy driving, poor vision, or reduced cognitive capabilities. For the past several decades, significant strides have been made in addressing drunk driving through a combination of public messaging, tougher laws, and increased enforcement. While alcohol related fatalities had been declining, there was an increase in 2020. In addition, drug related fatalities have steadily increased over the last several years. Furthermore, new challenges have presented themselves in recent years such as the national opioid crises and increasing usage of marijuana among drivers. It is important for all Missourians to understand it’s never okay to drive impaired, regardless of the substance.

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Substance-Impaired Driving Statistics
Increase in Missouri drug-impaired fatalities over the last 10 years
Decrease in Missouri alcohol-impaired fatalities over the last 10 years.
People killed in Missouri traffic crashes involving a substance-impaired driver
Hours without sleep has the equivalent effect of a 0.08 BAC
Year End 2020