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The Missouri Coalition for Roadway Safety is a partnership of safety advocates throughout the state who have come together for a common purpose:  to end traffic fatalities and serious injuries on public roadways. Missouri’s Strategic Highway Safety Plan, Show-Me Zero, outlines the state's plan for achieving success by implementing strategies most effective at mitigating the behaviors and issues most commonly associated with fatal and serious injury crashes in Missouri. Zero fatalities is our goal. Anything else is simply unacceptable. 

Does your business have Missouri’s safest drivers?

Now is your chance to take on the Show Me Your Score Safest Driver Challenge and win $10,000! The Missouri business with the safest drivers can win a $10,000 grand prize from AAA Missouri. The business that has the highest/best driving score for all participating employees over the 10-week contest will win the $10,000 grand prize. Show Me Your Scor...

BUPD High School Showdown Results are posted!

Pledge for your School!  Winners will be announced by AAA Missouri within 6 weeks of the contest deadline.  In the event of a tie of two or more schools, AAA Missouri will notify the schools and determine the winner through a random drawing.  AAA Missouri reserves the right to review all contest entries/pledges.

Siddens Bening Hands Free Law Takes Effect

After two years in a row of more than 1,000 fatalities on Missouri’s roadways, Gov. Mike Parson signed the Siddens Bening Hands-Free Law, prohibiting all drivers from using a handheld electronic communication device while driving, effective Monday, Aug. 28. To learn more about the law and what it entails, follow the link below.

Smart Riders

Each year, several children are injured or killed in Missouri car crashes. Educating children on the proper way to use a seat belt and booster seat as well as other road safety tips is necessary to keep our children safe. The Smart Riders program is a fun-filled program designed to teach these valuable lessons.

Show-Me Zero Campaign

A safer Missouri is a better Missouri. This is the heart of Show-Me Zero, a strategic highway safety plan for eliminating fatalities and serious injuries on Missouri roadways. Through a collaborative effort of diverse stakeholders, Show-Me Zero takes a multi-disciplined approach to achieving safer roads through education, public...

Missouri Coalition For Roadway Safety News

  • Missouri Roadway Fatalities Dip Slightly in 2023


    JEFFERSON CITY – According to preliminary data, 989 fatalities occurred on Missouri roadways in 2023. This is a decrease of 6% when compared to 2022, when there were 1,057 fatalities. This is the first year since 2019 that Missouri has seen a...

2023 Missouri Crash Statistics
Not Wearing Seat Belt
As of 12/31/2023 (Preliminary)
*Seat belt stat includes only occupants of vehicles with seat belts
2024 Missouri Crash Statistics
Not Wearing Seat Belt
As of 4/14/2024
*Seat belt stat includes only occupants of vehicles with seat belts
Is Responsive
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March Spotlight: Family, Career and Community Leaders of America

Department of Transportation partnered to increase participation of Missouri youth in peer to peer traffic education through the FCCLA Families Acting for Community Traffic Safety (FACTS) initiative. This groundbreaking effort aims to educate and engage students in promoting traffic safety within their communities, leveraging the enthusiasm and commitment of over 300 Missouri FCCLA Chapters.

Empowering Students Through Education and Action

The FCCLA FACTS program empowers students to:
  • Educate on safe driving practices, targeting both peers and adults.
  • Advocate for adherence to local traffic laws and regulations.
  • Inspire lifelong traffic safety attitudes through creative, community-focused projects.
Key Areas of Focus:
  • People: Emphasizing the responsibility of individuals as drivers and passengers.
  • Vehicles: Understanding the critical role of vehicle safety.
  • Roads: Promoting awareness and safety on the road, including hazard recognition and response.
Engaging Communities, Shaping Futures

Missouri FCCLA Chapters were encouraged to identify and implement traffic safety projects that resonate with their local communities' needs, ranging from combating impaired driving to promoting seat belt usage. These projects not only allow chapters to contribute significantly to their communities but also offer them a platform to showcase their achievements at the national level Two examples are noted below:

Northeast Vernon County (NEVC) FCCLA - 

“Look Every Way Every Day”

 NEVC FCCLA Members took action to enhance student safety by painting a sidewalk, designating a loading zone at the high school, and installing signs to alert drivers to the school zone. They also produced a safety video instructing students on how to navigate the crosswalk properly.

King City FCCLA - "Mind on the Drive"

The King City FCCLA Members, with support from the Student Council and FACTS Committee, the Buckle Up, Phone Down Campaign achieved a remarkable 469.5%above their pledge rate goal for safe driving among high school students. Their success came from educational activities, social media engagement, and a focused assembly promoting attentive driving and seatbelt use.


Recognition and Rewards: The most impactful project receives special recognition, including an opportunity to present at the Governors Highway Safety Association Annual Meeting and attend the FCCLA National Leadership Conference in Seattle, WA, to share about their project and its impact on their community. 

Get Involved: Missouri FCCLA is driving change and fostering safer communities through the power of student leadership and initiative!  For more information or to engage with your local FCCLA Chapter, contact Blake Reed at (816) 489-7500 or breed@bsd124.org. 


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