Welcome to the Missouri Coalition for Roadway Safety

The Missouri Coalition for Roadway Safety is a partnership of safety advocates throughout the state who have come together for a common purpose:  to end traffic fatalities and serious injuries on public roadways. Missouri’s Strategic Highway Safety Plan, Show-Me Zero, outlines the state's plan for achieving success by implementing strategies most effective at mitigating the behaviors and issues most commonly associated with fatal and serious injury crashes in Missouri. Zero fatalities is our goal. Anything else is simply unacceptable. 

Show-Me Zero Campaign

A safer Missouri is a better Missouri. This is the heart of Show-Me Zero, a strategic highway safety plan for eliminating fatalities and serious injuries on Missouri roadways. Through a collaborative effort of diverse stakeholders, Show-Me Zero takes a multi-disciplined approach to achieving safer roads through education, public policy, enforcement...

Work Zone Awareness Week

More buffer truck crashes than ever before… 17 work zone fatalities… This is how Missouri will remember its 2021 construction season. And that’s why MoDOT is pleading with drivers to help turn the tide in 2022. Motorists are urged to make smart, safe driving choices behind the wheel as part of National Work Zone Awareness Week, April 11-15.

Missouri Coalition For Roadway Safety News

  • Teens Rally to Promote Safe Driving


    COLUMBIA, Mo. - Teens from across the state are gathering in Columbia next week to share their experiences and successes promoting wearing safety belts in their local highway safety initiatives. Their efforts, developed as a part of the students’...

2021 Missouri Crash Statistics
Not Wearing Seat Belt
As of 12/31/2021
*Seat belt stat includes only occupants of vehicles with seat belts
2022 Missouri Crash Statistics
Not Wearing Seat Belt
As of 6/26/2022
*Seat belt stat includes only occupants of vehicles with seat belts
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