Emphasis Area 2: Distracted Driving

In the last five years, perhaps no behavior on our roadways has become more alarming than distracted driving. Distracted driving can be anything that diverts the driver’s attention from the task of driving. Cell phone related crashes, in particular, are one of the fastest growing causes of traffic crashes in Missouri, increasing by more than 30%. Furthermore, we know these intentional acts are under reported in traffic crashes, thus contributing to even more crashes than the data suggests.

Missourians have identified cell phone use as one of the most concerning behaviors they readily observe on our roadways. This supports recent data from AT&T that nearly 9 in 10 people engage in some level of smartphone activity while driving. Sadly, over half of the distracted driving fatalities in Missouri claimed the life of another person. 

Of 2015-2017 crashes involved some form of distracted driving.
Fine if you get caught texting while driving for drivers 21 and younger.
Seconds of time texting drivers spend with their eyes off the road.
Of teen drivers say they text while driving.
Distracted Driving

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