Central Region Additional Resources

Crashed Trucks

The driver of this utility truck was wearing his safety belt when he lost control, swerved off the road, and hit a tree. The impact crushed the truck cab interior, but four hours after the crash the driver was released from the hospital with only a few cuts and bruises. His safety belt kept him secured tightly in the truck cab and prevented him from getting thrown around inside or ejected from the vehicle.

The driver of the white crash truck was involved in a crossover head-on collision.  He was wearing a seat belt and remained in the vehicle and survived.

The crashed trucks are mounted on trailers and available for safety fairs, parades, and other public events in the Central Region area. To schedule one of the crashed trucks for an event, contact Becky Lenon at 888-275-6636 or email at Rebecca.Lenon@modot.mo.gov

Rollover Crash Simulator Promotes Seat Belt Safety

Click on the image below to view a video about the Central Region's new rollover crash simulator. The driver of this vehicle was a sixteen-year-old girl from Osage County. She credits her seat belt for saving her from serious injury or death. The crash simulator can be used in parades and at civic or school functions to promote seat belt safety in the Central Region area. 

Buckle Bear

Buckle Bear is a mascot for encouraging children of all ages to buckle up and Arrive Alive. Buckle Bear is available for safety fairs, parades, and other public events in the Central Region area. To inquire about Buckle Bear's availability, contact Becky Lenon at 888-275-6636 or email at Rebecca.Lenon@modot.mo.gov.

The Missouri Coalition for Roadway Safety wants Central Missouri kids to buckle up with Buckle Bear! Buckle Bear is our mascot for promoting seat belt usage and safety. He wants children everywhere to Buckle Up and ARRIVE ALIVE!

Hi kids!  Help us tell everyone to Buckle Up and Arrive Alive!

The Coalition for Roadway Safety’s Central Region group invites kids to download a “Buckle Bear” coloring sheet and color it.  Put it up in your room, at your desk or locker at school, or give it to your parents, and remind everyone how seatbelts can keep you safer!

Buckle Up and Arrive Alive stencils

These new stencils are large with the message, “Buckle Up!” or "Arrive Alive" as shown below. Not only can these stencils be painted on high school parking lots, but they can also be painted on the parking lots of other schools, churches and businesses throughout the community.

The stencils are free to use and can be reserved by contacting Becky Lenon at 888-275-6636 or email at Rebecca.Lenon@modot.mo.gov.

* Note the Missouri Coalition for Roadway Safety only supplies the stencils.  Participants are responsible for paint and brushes.