Motorcycle Awareness Month


Passenger and Commercial vehicle drivers should remember the following:

Motorcycles are vehicles with the same rights and privileges as any vehicle on the roadway.
Allow the motorcyclist a full lane width. Do not share the lane.

Preliminary 2019 data shows 15% of all 2019 Missouri fatal crashes involved a motorcycle.

In 2019, 121 motorcyclists were killed in traffic crashes on Missouri roadways.

Stats & Facts
79 Percent
Of 2018 motorcycle crashes resulted in the injury or death.
99 Percent
Of the people who died in 2018 motorcycle related crashes on Missouri roads were the motorcycle riders.
49 Percent
Of all motorcycles involved in 2018 Missouri fatal crashes collided with another motor vehicle in transport.
38 Percent
Increase in the likelihood of death if a rider is not wearing a helmet.
Motorcycle Awareness

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Be a Highway Hero.

Watch for Motorcycles. 

Motorcycle Awareness Month.

Watch for Motorcycles. 

 Look Twice for Motorcyclists

Motorcycle Awareness

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Motorcycle Note

Missouri law requires all motorcycle riders to wear a DOT-compliant helmet.

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