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MU Health Care’s Injury Prevention Program developed the Keep Your Keys program to help drivers aged 55 and older stay on the roadways as long as it’s safely possible. The goal is to reduce motor vehicle and motorcycle crashes involving older drivers through education and prevention methods. The Keep Your Keys program is free and open to any older adult and their family members or caretakers. This class provides resources and information to help guide making informed decisions about current driving status, as well as staying medically and physically fit to drive. Topics in these classes include tips to navigate new roadway constructions, how to self-assess current driving status and the importance of developing a transportation plan. To accompany the class, the Fit to Drive booklet was developed by MU Health Care, with assistance from the Missouri Coalition for Roadway Safety’s Subcommittee for Elder Mobility and Safety, that provides information on the best ways to approach roadway safety. If you are interested in more information or would like to schedule a Keep Your Keys presentation in your community please email or call (573)884-7143.