BUPD Public Service Announcement Contest

The Missouri Coalition for Roadway Safety is conducting a video public service announcement contest for their Buckle Up Phone Down campaign. The contest is available to anyone and contestants are requested to submit a 30-second PSA to promote BUPD and challenge all to take the BUPD pledge at www.modot.org/BUPD. The pledge is simple, it asks participants to buckle up every trip, every time, and to always put their phone down while driving. The winning entry will be announced at the annual Highway Safety and Traffic Conference on September 20, 2021 in Columbia, Mo. The winning entry will then be used for promotion of Missouri’s annual BUPD Day, October 22, 2021.

Here’s what you’ll need to include in your Buckle Up Phone Down submission. Information on BUPD can be found at www.modot.org/BUPD.

Video requirements:

Buckle Up Phone Down List of Items to be Included in Public Service Announcement (PSA) Information on BUPD can be found at www.modot.org/BUPD.

  • This video and audio should be created as a 30-second PSA
  • The PSA needs to promote buckling up all vehicle occupants, every trip, every time, and putting your phone down while driving
  • May include Missouri statistics on inattention and unbuckled crashes, found at https://www.savemolives.com
  • The PSA must include the BUPD logo found at http://www2.modot.org/BuckleUpPhoneDown/MarketingTools.html
  • The PSA must include url for more information and/or to take the pledge at www.modot.org/BUPD
  • Use of one of the provided royalty-free music options: https://modot.box.com/s/mc01w3babhfx86tmurfe8xgo5fj63q8u. No copyrighted music can be used
  • Should consider ways to appeal to a diverse audience
  • All entries are subject to approval
  • All entries must include submittal of the model release form by all participants included in the video
  • All entries become the property of the Missouri Department of Transportation

Here’s what you’ll need to make your Buckle Up Phone Down video submission look great:

Video specifications:

  • Shoot all video on a camera or device that is recording at 1080p
  • Use a microphone to record any dialogue or important audio
  • All dialogue and audio, other than background music, should peak around level -12 when editing
  • The finished video should be 30 seconds in length, no more and no less

Music and graphics:

If your video contains on-camera talent and/or actors, this release must be signed and uploaded with your submission form.

Once you are ready to submit your video, please fill out the form below and we'll respond with a link to upload it via box.com.

For additional information on the contest please email kelly.jackson@modot.mo.gov.

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