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The Buckle Up Phone Down initiative was created to address two of the most impactful actions a driver can take to prevent crashes or survive if one occurs: buckling their seat belts—every occupant, every time—and putting the phone down or turning it off if you’re driving. More than 20,000 individuals and businesses have committed to driving safer by signing a pledge to buckle their seat belts and put their phones down or turn them off while driving. Participants are encouraged to sign up online at modot.org/bupd

The Missouri Coalition for Roadway Safety is giving local communities a chance to share the Buckle Up Phone Down message with their residents and visitors. To raise awareness, the Coalition is distributing BUPD signs. These signs are intended to be placed in areas like parking lots to convey the BUPD message before drivers get onto an active roadway. Metal and yard signs are available, free of charge, from the Missouri Coalition for Roadway Safety.

Sign Information

Sign Designs

Metal and yard signs are available.

Tips for Installation

  • Ideas on placement could include an existing metal post or a permanent structure already in your parking lot or add a metal post where cars exit.
  • These signs are intended to be placed in areas like parking lots and exits to convey the message BEFORE drivers get onto an active roadway.
  • Signs must not be installed along streets, highways or on MoDOT right-of-way.
  • They cannot be fixed to any roadway signs, such as stop signs.
  • Signs are not designed for use along streets or highways because the letter size is too small to be read at high speeds.

Other Details

  • All signs are free of charge.
  • The entity will have to use appropriate hardware to support the sign and install it themselves.
  • MoDOT is not responsible for the installation.
  • Metal signs are intended to last 10+ years. 
  • Yard signs are intended to last for 1 year.

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