The Missouri Coalition for Roadway Safety is accepting nominations for individuals, organizations and events to be recognized for their efforts in making our roadways safer, moving Missouri towards zero fatalities. Winners will be recognized at the 2024 Show-Me Zero Conference in Columbia at the end of September.

There are four statewide awards and one award for each of the seven coalition regions.

The statewide awards are:

  • Buckle Up Phone Down Champion - This award recognizes an individual or group who has shown exemplary leadership and dedication to the Buckle Up Phone Down initiative. The recipient of this award has undertaken a concerted effort to make our highways safer, moving Missouri toward zero fatalities, by asking all of us to make two simple commitments: to always buckle up and, if we’re driving, to put down the phone.
  • HOPE (Highway Opportunities through Professional Engineering) Award – This award recognizes an engineer(s) / team who has incorporated a unique or proven safety feature in a highway project that has resulted in reduced crashes and fatalities, moving Missouri toward zero fatalities.
  • Lay Down the Law Award - This award recognizes a law enforcement officer or agency who has substantially advanced highway safety in Missouri through innovative traffic safety efforts. This award may be given for a process or procedure resulting in improved traffic safety or an event that encouraged safe driving, moving Missouri toward zero fatalities.
  • Tempe Humphrey Award – This award recognizes an individual or group who has made a significant impact in the area of youth or teen safety through education, legislation or personal involvement. This award is in honor of a former employee of MoDOT’s Highway Safety and Traffic Division who was tragically killed in 2006 due to a motorcycle crash. Tempe helped create and implement the statewide Team Spirit/TRACTION program to engage high school students in the process of safe driving.

The Show-Me Zero Regional Award recognizes an individual or group from each coalition region who has shown exemplary leadership in endeavors that significantly improve highway safety.

Nominations are due by July 28, 2024.  Five individuals with an interest in transportation safety have been selected throughout Missouri to judge the awards.  Award winners and those who nominate them will be notified in August.  Submit nominations below.