Law Enforcement Equipment Grant Application


The Southeast Coalition for Roadway Safety's Executive Board has approved the purchase of law enforcement equipment for local police departments and sheriff's offices in south central and southeast Missouri. The items this grant normally awards out include: portable breathalyzer tests, Stalker radars, safety vests, tint meters, road flare kits, rain jackets,  medical trauma kits, traffic cones and flash lights. For consideration, please submit your application no later than June 18, 2023. 

Grant applications are scored in part based on the following: items received from this grant in the last several years, completion of outcomes reports (if awarded equipment the last fiscal year), serious injuries/fatalities in the area, grants received from the state’s Highway Safety Office, regular attendance of meetings and active membership within the Coalition.

While we cannot guarantee we will be able to award all requested items, we do hope to help as much as possible. Active participation with the Southeast Coalition for Roadway Safety may increase your chances of receiving equipment donated to your agency. 

There is a new application process this year. Download the application (located at:, fill out completely and submit to If you would like to submit additional documents pertaining to this grant, please include them in the email with your completed application.

Please note that on the High Vis Reflective Vests, size XL will fit a medium - XL and a 2XL will fit up to a 4XL.

If you have any questions, please contact Ashley Metelski, Southeast Coalition for Roadway Safety Regional Representative, 573-380-9432 or

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