Emphasis Area 1: Occupant Protection

Taking a few moments to properly secure yourself and loved ones is the single greatest way to increase your likelihood of surviving a crash. Seat belts, car seats, and helmets go a long way in minimizing the consequences of crashes regardless of why they occur. Currently, approximately 88% of Missourians buckle up. The other 12% account for nearly two-thirds of vehicle occupants killed in traffic crashes. Unbuckled drivers and passengers are not just risking their own safety. They also increase the risk of injury to other passengers by 40%. The bottom line is seat belts and car seats are the most impactful and efficient ways to save lives in the event of a crash. In fact, if all Missourians buckled up, an estimated 245 lives would be saved every year.

Children, younger than 8 years old were killed as occupants in motor vehicle crashes in Missouri in 2017.
Of child passenger safety seats are improperly installed according to NHTSA.
In 2017, when the driver was not buckled, 67% of children killed or seriously injured were also not restrained.
Of children killed or seriously injured were not restrained when the driver was buckled up.
Occupant Protection