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Six out of 10 people killed in Missouri traffic crashes are unbuckled. Even with all the advancements in automobile safety and education on the importance of seat belt use, Missouri’s seat belt use has remained relatively unchanged in the last six years and consistently below the national average.  Missouri has a 88.0 percent seat belt usage rate, which is well below the national average of 90.4 percent in 2021.

There's room to live in a vehicle crash if you're buckled up. Give yourself a chance. Always buckle up - everyone, every trip, every time.

Stats & Facts
People killed or seriously injured in 2022.
Safety belt usage rate in Missouri, below the national average of 91.6%
Of vehicle occupant fatalities were unbuckled in 2022.
The amount a safety belt reduced the risk of fatal injury.
Seat Belt Usage (2022 data is preliminary)

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 Don't Chance It. Click It or Ticket.

2019 (English)

 Don't Chance It. Click It or Ticket.

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Buckle Up. You're Crazy Not To.


Buckle Up. You're Crazy Not To.


Buckle Up. You're Crazy Not To.


295 MOre Lives Saved 

Fake-A-Rooney Checkpoint


Fake-A-Rooney Checkpoint

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Seat Belt Note

Seven out of 10 teens who died in crashes last year weren't buckled up.

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