Holiday Impaired Driving Enforcement Campaign


Do you realize that your last drink could be someone else's last breath?

If you’re planning a special celebration for the holidays, think first about a safe and sober ride home. Holiday safety advertising across Missouri serve as reminders of the importance of choosing a completely sober ride such as a taxi. Law enforcement will be out in full force November 22, 2023-January 1, 2024, cracking down on impaired drivers. If you feel different, you drive different. Don’t let anyone drive impaired.

Stats & Facts
672 People
Were seriously injured in 2021 traffic crashes that involved at least one substance-impaired driver.
215 People
Were killed in 2021 traffic crashes that involved at least one substance-impaired driver.
6 Months
The amount of time you can spend in jail on your first conviction.
Amount of money you could be fined on your second conviction.
Impaired Driving

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2021 Holiday Impaired Driving 

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 2017 Holiday Impaired Driving


 2017 Holiday Impaired Tasty Apple Cider

2017 Holiday Impaired Tasty Apple Cider 

Drive Sober MO PSA 

Keep it the most wonderful time of the year

Impaired Driving Note

Any person guilty of a second or subsequent intoxication-related traffic offense will be required to install an ignition interlock device on their car before reinstating driving privileges.

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